Mónica Pedro

3D scanning and printing

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modeling a old fish from a hold book

I'll use fusion 360 in Sculting Mode to produce a fish as this one:

using some of the technices I learned designing a shoo in this video: Fusion 360 Lezione 12 - Esercitazione Tsplines

In the Lab

The Lab printer is a Ultimaker 2+

needed to instal Cura

and the process to print was:

and this are the first prints to know how to operate the machine

configuration for the first prints...

finaly some objects to play with Geometry...

---------------------------- (-).(o) -----------------------

Shoe sole

Changing the Printing process and doing something not possible other way

I'll try the Flexible Filamente using larger NOOZLE, to evaluate both the material and the viability of such product

3D modeling in Fusion 360

I'd decied to design a ergonomic modular sole so that the Printer tests would be quiker ;-)

Thikness of the sole: 3mm

Changing the NOOZLE


Configuring CURA for the new material

When printing.....

Final print... its not very bad, but NOT GOOD for the purpose...because it's not flexible and soft enought to give a "no Shoo sense"

New trial

I'll try a print without Infil...INFILL = 0

and the Printing becomes quite strange....

Look fuzy... but it has its qualities.. flexible... soft

another trial

I'll try with lower thikness of the sole...EXTRUDE = 1.5mm

sent it to Cura

and then this was happening in the printer



group assignment

test the design rules for your 3D printer(s)

individual assignment