Mónica Pedro

Electronics Production

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Digital fabricating a PCB Board

I fallowed the documentation provided by XXXXX and downloaded the PNG files

Them imported them to EASEL, the online workspace of INVECTABLES, which is the machine at lab to cut PCB's

Milling machine: ICARVEY of Invenctables

Steps to deal with the machine:

  1. choose a good wood platform to glue the PCB Board material
  2. stick the PCB board to the wood support using duble tape and verify if its well glued and flat
  3. attach the wood platform to Machine bed
  4. close the machine and go to easel to define Zero position (stating point of themilling)

Cutting the PCB

... and finishing

Soldring the parts

I'd tried a cople of days to fine tune the Hand work, and finally got this wonderful board

Programing the ISP

Since I'm using a MAC, I'd downloaded CrossPAck

But it was not detetcing the FabIsp on the USB, so got online to discover


Group Assigment

  • Characterize the specifications pf your PCB production process.

  • Individual assigment

  • Make a in-circuit programmer by milling the PCB
  • .. then, optionally, trying other processes.