Mónica Pedro

Project management

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I'd installed Git

dowlod the book written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub Pro Git book

..But had some difficulties creating the respository in FabCloud, so I'd used Github on fabcloud to create and edit my first page...


Latter I'd been able to use Mac Terminal to update my repository.

Learning about web development

After some reading around many places, choose to keep as reference the W3schools.com, which content organization makes more sense to my personal mental model.

Website Stylus

Went to several pages of 2017 Fab Academy students, and found a good example of simplicity in Ana Cabral

Web development

Intention: to hand write all the code... so to recover this lost practice...

.. Brackets - selected this code editor due to its simplicity.

And after some work, where's the website information structure...

my website folder structure