Assignment 20: Project Development

Complete your final project, tracking your progress.



Learning outcomes:

  • Implement project plan.

  • Apply time management techniques.

  • Summarise and communicate the essence of your project development.


For the discipline of Project Management, "a project is composed of a chain of activities aimed at achieving a series of goals with their clearly specified objectives, within a period of time and defined budgets" (PMBoK® 4th Edition, Project Management Institute, PMI®, 2008).

For the management of time and the management of project activities, the following work schedule was followed:

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I have completed the following tasks:

Preparation of the project work plan: Spacial Skill Helmet
Smart helmet design
Design of the internal structure of the helmet
Laser cutting of parts for the reinforcement of the structure of the helmet
Armed of the internal structure of the helmet using the pieces cut of cardboard paper using the technique of press fit.
Armed with the external structure of the helmet using the compost technique.
Painted case. Two layers of white acrylic paint were applied.
Cut holes in the hooves to locate the cards.
3D design of the caps of the helmet cards.
3D printing of the covers of the helmet cards.
Design of the motion sensor card.
Design of RGB led light card
Card design with spatial location buttons.
Milling of 4 motion sensor cards
Milling of the spatial location card.
Soldier of the components of the cards
Documentation and publication of progress on the Fab Academy website

I have completed the structure of the helmet and I have milled the cards for the proximity sensors and the card for the control buttons of the helmet lights.

What has worked? What has not?
The structure of the helmet has worked. The helmet can be used in children and adults.
The functional tests of the proximity sensor cards have worked well.
The functional tests of the proximity sensor cards have worked well.
Control tests of spatial location buttons have also worked
The connection of the proximity sensors has not worked yet.

What questions need to be resolved?
I need to know how to connect the motion sensor cards and how to configure the interface for the feedback of the operation of the spatial location buttons.

What will happen when?
When the buttons of spatial location work, I can have data about the correct functioning of the helmet.

What have you learned?
I have learned how to plan a projectt, how to use information repositories, how to design web pages with HTML, CSS and Java Script, how to make objects with additive techniques and subtractive techniques, how to make structures with the compost, molding and casting techniques, how to make parametric designs in two. dimensions and three dimensions, how to perform laser cutting, how to print stickers, how to paint with aerosols, how to design electronic cards, how to mill electronic cards, how to drop components on electronic cards, how to program electronic cards, how to connect electronic cards, how to create videos and infographics, etc.