Assignment 16: Machine Design

Actuate and automate your machine. Document the group project and your individual contribution.

Learning outcomes:

  • Work and communicate effectively in a team and independently

  • Design, plan and build a system

  • Analyse and solve technical problems

  • Recognise opportunities for improvements in the design

Have you:

  • Explained your individual contribution to this project on your own website


Grupal Assignment

For the assembly of the recording machine it was necessary to carry out several tests. I participated in the cutting and assembly tests until I reached the final model. Four structural reinforcement tests (Y axis) and three reinforcement tests were carried out to support the engraver (Z axis)

Support the assembly of the head of the engraving machine:

For the assembly of the electronic part I reviewed the FabAcademy documentation on the use of the Getting Started With Gestalt Nodes cards:

I realized the milling of the bridge board on the Roland Modela milling machine.

I participate in the assembly of the electronic part of the recording machine..

Finally, participate in the recorder's operation tests.