Nany Robot

Final Project

Making Smart Robot To Carry My Daughter while my wife is busy with house work

Ibrahem Elwy Ibrahem

A Mechatronics Engineer Dreaming of Establishing The first Automated Factory for Machines in Egypt.

My Big Dream is turning Each Facility in Eygpt Into A Smart Automated Facility



  • FabLab Manager at 6th Ocotober STEM School
  • technical team for Fablab installation in Egypt STEM Schools .

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Ex. Positions

  • CORD(Competetion of robot Design): He worked As a CIS (CORD innovation staff ) AT the Academy , which was Responsible for Spreading Techonlogy and knowledge Using Robotics
  • Tab3na : He Worked As Academic Vice manager this Firm Scope was Spreading Science and knowledege through Diplomas
  • YLC(YOung learner CLub) : He worked as Head of the Robotics department this Club was made for making a parallel learning for KIDs Helping and Raising their knowledge and skills in what they love to do either Robotics or languages or even cooking.