My Name is Francois Auclair I'm 23 years old and live in Motreal since all my life, I work as a mediator/tech here in Echofab since 2015, Geeking around is my favorite thing to do, and the fact that i'm being paid to do it feel like a dream.

My Aspiration

I always enjoyed learning new stuff and working with people that can bring me new knowledge, I love mixing the art, the humans and the technology. Fab Labs change my life and I want to stick around them for as long as I can.

The Fab Academy

I was super excited to be part of the program, I'm still really new to the world of new technology, and I feel really lucky to have this opportunity to learn and play with all kind of stuff.

My Final Project

My Final Project will consist in a machine that draw sound, the idea is to give it a audio input and convert it into a waves that can be draw. The project will be divised in two part, the software and the hardware part.