FabAcademy 2018

A journey throught rapid protoyping.

About échoFab

We explore and experiment with various digital manufacturing approaches
and create a community of people motivated by these new practices in order
to make them available to the public.

This is our 4th year participating to FabAcademy with 4 students for 2018's edition.


Alec Mathewson

Alec Mathewson is an artist, designer, and Fab Lab coordinator with a particular interest in combining digital fabrication with experimentation.


Geoffroi Garon

Entrepreneur and PhD Student -|- Digital badges skills recognition #Openbadges -|- #livinglab #fablab #fabcity


Mathieu Laporte

Project manager, designer, creative technologist, I’m a multidisciplinary human being like many of us now and very proud to be this year FabAcademy’s instructor.

Regional menthor

Craig Hobern

I’m a media designer with a interest in embedded electronics. Originally from the Waikato, I moved to Wellington in 2007 to study digital media design.