Machine Building

Individual page

The assignment is to design and make a machine

What we (me and my fab academy classmates) wanted to do is make a machine that can decorate cakes by putting cream on the cake with different patterns that the user can choose. We want to make it for bakeries and cake makers.

This project is work between me and two others:
duaa ali

My role for this project was to organise team communication and to work on the mechanical design of the machine itself (mechanism + actuation + automation) minus the cream releasing mechanism.

I made a git repo and added my classmates to it as masters so every time we have work we can upload it to the repo and document our work together

This is the repo:
machine repo

This is the mechanical part:

week 1 - mechanical design

During this week the goal is to make a machine, build the passive parts and operate it manually. most of my work was in this week becuase i had to design everything so we can operate it the next week. I designed everything in solidworks.

week 2 - Machine Design

In this week the machine was built physically what i did mostly was fixing anything that was wrong.

In the end the syringe system for putting cream didnt work very well. It worked but it was very slow. But we used the machine as plotter.