Project Management

This week's assignment is to build a personal site describing myself and the final project. Uploading it to the class archive and working through a git tutorial.The steps I’ve taken to accomplish this is creating a basic html website, uploading it to the class archive and then updating the formating of the website.

Basic website

I first started by learning some of the basics of html as it is something I did not have any experience with before. There are so many html tutorials available online, I just opened the first results I found and started experimenting using a text editor. I used w3school's website mainly.

I created at first a very basic html page with no formating to just describe me and my planned project. I hosted the image on it which is a sketch by hand of my final project externally on imgur on this version.


Duaa Alaali

About me 

I hold a bachelors of electronics engineering ( class of 2016), I enjoy trying new things and creating. I am a technical Instructor, training coordinator and most importantly a technology enthusiast. I am passionate about womens rights particularly women in STEM. I was the first Babraini female to obtain a wireman electrical installation license and hope to encourage females to pursue STEM related majors and careers.

My final Project

At first I was concerned about not having any project ideas, but after browsing FabAcademy archives and other sites for insparation the problem became having too many ideas. I had several ideas for the final project icluding creating a fingerprint scanner that controls a lock, or a pet care enviornment to take care of pets for busy pet owners. 

I finally settled ( for now) on creating an arcade type claw machine. I think it's a fun interesting project that I would enjoy creating even though it involves a lot of work. 


Uploading the website

I wanted to upload the website i created to the archives next. To do so I've used this guide on working with repositories by how to grow almost anything.
The operating system I am using is linux aubuntu. Ive used the terminal directly to install git. The next step was to generate an ssh key which was done through the terminal

I copied the public ssh key generated and added it to gitlab.
I then created a yml file in gitlab

The next step was cloning the raspitory using the SSH key avilable in my gitlab profile to my computer

git clone
next was configuring git
cd ~/duaa-alaali
git config --global "duaa.alaali"
git config --global "my email"
git config --global push.default simple

After the first time configuration it was set to push my changes whenever I needed to. I pushed my website to the archive
To go to the repository folder
cd ~/duaa-alaali
To pull changes
git pull
To add my changes
git add --all
Adding a comment
git commit -m "message"
pushing the work
git push

Updating the website format

After uploading my simple page, I decided to use a templete to upgrade it. I decided to use a bootstrap templete and edit it up a bit to create my student website.
agency templete
There are many programs used to edit html that give you the ability to preview changes, I’ve opted to a very simple solution instead of displaying the webpage on my browser and the html code on a simple code editor side by side and refreshing to view the code changes when needed.

The bootstrap template was really easy to understand and editing it was really easy in my experience. I just replaced some sections with what I needed and removed some sections.

Issues I faced

After pushing the files to the terminal I spent around an hour trying to figure out why my page was not getting displayed on the fab academy archive. Ive repeated the steps multile times and was exploring solutions as I assumed I did something wrong pushing the files.
I kept getting faced with the error page everytime I refreshed even though I could see the files were being pushed correctly in gitlab.

the error message of doom

It turned out that the only problem was that I misnamed the html file ! after changing its name to "index" it started displaying correctly. That was the only problem I had during this assignment. Its always the little things.