I’m the Co-Founder, with my wife, of At3flo a small Third place. After a vocational school as mechanic, I joined the Bern UAS where I undergraduate in the specialties of Micro- and Medicaltechnology. Since then I work for Breitling (Watch Industry) as Mechanical engineer first, and for 2 years as a team leader certified Scrum Master (Agile Methodologies). I also obtained my certification from the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning.

Why I did the Fab Academy ?

I’m a continuing student, I first start in 2017 (http://matbgn.github.io). But the very first reason was that I wanted to work into a bigger network than my Lab and more than the swiss area. With the Fab Academy we feel very strongly the concept of thinking globally, fabricating locally. This approach gives you the ability to be supported, or support, anybody for instance in Norway, Egypt, or India. This dimension is incredibly strong. Human trough all of the world using technology for solving local problems. The second reason was to get better knowledge in electronic field, and the Fab Academy fulfilled it in an awesome way.

Want more ? Follow this link : http://fab.academany.org/2018/labs/fablabat3flo/students/mat-bgn