Embedded programming

Test different architectures of micro processors for the embedded programming week.

We looked at the Microbit microcontroller. Made by the BBC to teach children to code.

It requires no configuration.
It is programmed via the browser.

It has built-in extras, such as an accelerometer, a compass, a 5x5 lo-fi LED display, two buttons, a USB port.
Can be programmed by Bluetooth! Use your phone to programme it.
Can be programmed in a bunch of languages:
Blocks (graphical, similar to Scratch), Python, and javascript.

Xavier demonstrated how to use Blocks.

Added a command to react when a button is pressed, and it will cause an LED shape to be displayed on the matrix.

The graphical code can also be displayed as javascript.
Download the code as a .hex file. Plug the microbit into the USB port, it appears as a storage device.
Copy the .hex file onto the microbit storage device. Plug a battery into the microbit. Simple pimple!