Electronics design


Group project:
     Use the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board.
We programmed the board with the code for blinking the LED

//Blink the led connected to pin 7 int led_pin = 7; void setup() {  pinMode(led_pin, OUTPUT); } void loop() {  digitalWrite(led_pin, HIGH);  delay(100);  digitalWrite(led_pin, LOW);  delay(100);   }

We attach the alligator clip to ground and the probe to the LED pin

We pressed “Autoset” - it didn’t help to calibrate the scale, so we did it manually instead.

We changed the scale for X (time) and Y (Volt)
First we tried X=250ms, Y=2V
We pressed “Run/Stop”(to stop the graph) and discovered an error.
The LED was blinking too slowly (875ms when it was supposed to be 100ms).

We re-burned the bootloader and uploaded the code again, since the clock wasn’t working right.
In the code we set the “Delay” to 1000ms (1 sec)

We changed the scale to X=500ms Y=2V

The signal on the oscilloscope changed about every 2 squares, meaning the reaction of the LED was a bit imprecise.
We have learned that the LED is a bit slow.