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David's observations printing the test models

The BCN3D has had trouble with the base layer sticking to the plate. As a result, all of the models have a thin right edge. Frank was aware of this happening to another project recently and we don't know why it's doing this

Both the BCN3D and the ultimaker 2+ needed to be slowed down for the base layer. BCN3D to about 50%. After the first layer was layed down then the speed could be brought back up to 100%.

Printer settings images

Ultimaker Cura for the Ultimaker 2+


Cura 15.04.6 for the Printrbot

Xavier's Story

I tested 2 machines at my lab: an Ultimaker 2+ and a Stacker S2.

Ultimaker 2+ specs:
Build volume: 223 x 223 x 205 mm
Materials: PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, Nylon, TPU 95A but we use only PLA at Imal.
Layer resolution: from 600 micron to 20 micron.
Heated Bed
Speed: build speed up to 24 mm³/s, travel speed up to 300 mm/s.

So I print this test: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1019228 -> STL file..

I use those settings in Cura:
-Infill: 33%
-Extrusion width: 0.48mm
-Layerheight: 0.1mm

Results wasn't very good, I tried to calibrate the bed, but it changed nothing:

I was low on time so I decided to switch printer and check the Stacker S2.

Stacker S2 specs:
Build volume: 390mm (X), 315mm (Y), 525mm (Z)
Nozzle Diameter: 0.40mm
Printed Materials: Filaments which extrude at temperatures below 300°C including, but not limited to, PLA, ABS, etc.
Extruder Temperature: up to 300°
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Layer Resolution: 0.1mm to 1mm
Heated Bed

So with this one, I first try to use Cura. But it started to print in the air. This printer has a special Repetier-Host release. So I used this software.
Repetier-Host works the same way than Cura. In fact, it uses the Cura engine to slice your 3D model. The difference here is that you have to plug the printer directly to your computer.
So I use the same settings than above for Cura and upload the file to the printer:

During the print I've noticed that the bed hasn't the same calibration everywhere.
The result is far better than the Ulti:

Fonts: Manifont and JRUG PUNK.