Hello and welcome!

This is the story of me becoming a maker; my own Zero to Maker journey. Going from not even knowing what I don’t know, to feeling proud and comfortable in making and the maker community. That’s my goal. For now.

I will share my progress here; all my learnings, failures, and reflections. I appreciate all the help and I can get; feedback, thoughts, input, anything - this journey will be much easier, and definitely more fun, together with others!

My story

So what is this story? What am I doing? I barely know myself. I took a leap of faith into the unknown with the urge to learn something new and challenge myself. I moved to Amsterdam to enroll in a course called How to make (almost) anything at Fab Academy. I want to become a maker, and I barely know what a maker is. Google explains:

So I’m going to become 1) a person (or thing) that makes something. Or 2) God. Sounds great. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

Weekly assignments

Fab Academy 2018 has 18 different modules, one per week. Every module has a weekly assignment. The weekly assignment is not just to do the task, but also to document it in detail.