Week 19: Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

How to disseminate my final project

I have no intentions to create an income with my final project. But I have two plans for implementing.

The first is to use the didactics of making for biology. I have found that making a model of a biological system, enhances deep understanding of the system. In regular education it would take too much time to let students make a model like I did, but there are many variants imaginable. And off course I did not invent this. Many many parties have been exploring and using this didactical strategy. It is now that I feel truly capable of guiding a making proces.

I think making a model of biological system could also be an extremely interesting tool for research. I know that there are professional studio's that make simulations commissioned by and in coorporation with reasearch groups. Making something tangible in 3D can really add to that. Especially in the field of bio mimetics. How wonderfull it would be if I could work in a field like that...

The other plan is to keep on making sensory cells and make them interact. It would make a lifes work and a great exhibition.

Intellectual Property

For a license I chose Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. I chose this specific licence because I don't mind (or will actually be honoured) if others use my work, even for commercial use. As long if they also share their work similar like I did.