Week 1: Principals and Practices

This weeks assignment is to plan and sketch a potential final project. You can find the sketch of my potential projects on my The page about me. For the planning and sketching I used the good old mind map technique. For every weeks assignment I thought of a way to contribute to the final project. You can see this in the pictures I've made of my mind maps. Please also check my Final Project page.

The shadow assignment of this week was to get GitBash installed and to connect to the FabAcademy GitLab. I was completely new to the phenomenom of Git. To me it seems like a complicated way to share files and to cooperate on files without the risk of losing data. Neil, Fiore, Emma and Henk are telling me it is a powerfull tool of version control. And allthough I cannot grasp it's full potential, I will trust my teachers blindly on this.

So I installed GitBash. For this I followed this tutorial. Kindly made available by Patxi Arruabarrena of the Fab Academy class of 2016. Although a few steps where different from the installation proces I had to go through (I ended up installing GitHub instead of GitBash), I managed to install GitBash. Next thing to do was to connect to the Fab Academy GitLab so i can launch my personal website there. For this I had to:

  1. Make a local folder to GitLab;
  2. For this i used Fiore's tutorial of his recitation.I had some trouble because one way or another my computer chose the W-drive as the place to put the local folder. So I got familiar with the cd command pretty soon.

  3. generate an SSH key;
  4. For this I used a tutorial from the people of GitLab on YouTube.

  5. configuring;
  6. After residing with the W-drive, I tried cloning my local folder to GitLab. Here Fiore's instructions did'nt quite work. Henk advised me to add this piece of text to the config file in the ssh directory.
    	Host gitlab
    	Hostname gitlab.fabcloud.org
    	User git
    	Identityfile ~/.ssh/fabacademy-gitlab
    	IdentitiesOnly yes

    It worked. I have no idea why.
  7. and tell GitLab to read my files as HTML.
  8. For this i added a file called .gitlab-ci.yml to the folder Jelka-Lustenhouwer

Now I was able to add my HTML-files to this folder and push them to GitLab.How I managed to create this web page and which tutorials i went through to get the basic of GitBash and GitLab, you can see on my Week 2-page.