Space Architect at Fab Academy 2018


The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, is the biggest establishment of the European Space Agency (ESA). With its numerous lab facilities and test centre it is responsible for the technical preparation and management of ESA's space projects by providing technical support to ESA’s satellite, space exploration and human spaceflight activities. One of the recent plans of ESA is to set up a Fab Lab at the premises of ESTEC for the employees, partners from industry and academia, space start-ups and the local community. In that way ESA hopes to bring in diverse and innovative ideas for the space related projects, provide a facility for fast prototyping and digital manufacturing, and strengthen collaboration between ESA and the community outside. Working as a space architect at ESTEC one of my responsibilities includes managing the establishment of this lab, which is why I am following Fab Academy 2018 in Amsterdam to gain more insight into the various activities and possibilities of a Fab Labs. Read more about my background here.

Fab Academy 2018