The second week assignment.

Final project prediction and sketches

Sketch 1/5 Sketch 2/5 Sketch 3/5 Sketch 4/5 Sketch 5/5

I intend to create a physical structure fulfilling the following purposes:

1. Fully articulated to turn around all three axis X, Y and Z

2. Not only fully "capable" of movement, but also actually moving, with the use of 6 motors operating 6 wheels, every 2 wheels responsible for one axis rotation

3. The movement discussed above is of an "arm" device, made to hold a mobile device with a front-facing camera, such as a smart phone or a tablet

4. The movement is controlled via an Arduino device attached to the back of the construction object

5. The Arduino itself is connected to a computer which is running a Neural Network code responsible for measuring the necessary movement

6. The movement will be measured according to the front-facing camera feed: If there is a face present in the feed, the arm will move to center the face in the camera and orient it vertically

7. The full purpose of the device is to be able to train a Neural Network, with a physical device, to understand and to generate movement, with the purpose of following any face that is in the front-facing camera feed