I am an analytical chemist, a chemistry consultant, a trainer, a teacher, and a tutor. I have Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm), and Master of Science (MS) degrees. After completing my Master's, I worked as a research fellow at the National Center for Toxicological Research of the US Food and Drug Administration. Following that, I took up teaching, tutoring, and consulting as a freelancer, and that is what I am up to presently.

I am also a student/learner any time and every time, and for however long it takes. I strongly believe that one's education and training is one's biggest asset in life, and that it's the only thing that stays with us regardless of whether times are favorable or adverse. I also believe that investing in one's education, training, and in amassing experience gives the best pay-off.

I aspire to be a medical doctor one day, and commit myself in the service of mankind.

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