Hello my name is Eve Nettles I am an artist from Atlanta, Georgia. From when I was teensy tiny, wether it was collecting sweet nectar from honeysuckle flowers or constructing play houses out of cardboard boxes, I have always loved creating with my hands. I was instantly attracted to sculpture in University, where I would be constantly shaping raw material and developing a toolbox of techniques, while immersing my mind in art history. I learned to draw and paint, basics to carpentry, welding and iron casting. I practiced installing shows in a gallery and curating groups of artists. Piece by piece, I challenged my hands to communicate ideas through nurturing and reassembling material. Early on, it became my focus as an artist to find a balance between the deep, instinctual desire to create and the daunting awareness that society is producing at an extremely excessive level. I have a ways to go to continue to learn and adapt ways to minimize my waste. I want to create, acknowledging this truth, in connection with my ecosystem and my community. Immediately when I discovered Fab Lab Barcelona I wanted to be a part of this fantastic program. It is a huge learning curve for me, yet I am excited to immerse myself in digital fabrication and to learn a range of software programs and new technologies to better my understanding of designing for the future. Focusing on site specific installations, my work consisted of collecting discarded local abundance and giving another lifecycle to castaway objects. Tattered clothes braided into fifty foot ropes or restaurant menus rolled, cut and clustered into vertical landscapes would then be installed in forgotten spaces. Working alongside abandoned buildings, in awe of how nature so quickly moves in, I gathered the rare histories of the sites which housed my abstract sculptural installations. other works. In this program I will focus on food waste and creating a system by which the consumer can simply become an environmentalist, by turning a simple action into fertile ground, enriching our soil. emnettles@gmail.com other works.

Final Project

I would like to create an indoor composting system. Unsplash!


6 months