Why Fab Academy ?

To be honest, I love the boldness and somewhat arrogance of stating that I could learn to build whatever I wish to. I also find the multidisciplinary approach from the Fab Lab deeply constructive, as I do believe that a general knowledge on many complementary fields is vital to the business ideation process. Its “Bauhaus” approach, on combining several interconnected crafts, is exactly what I believe in at the moment.

As an entrepreneur, the projects I am interested in developing in the future are very connected to the curriculum the school offers, and the idea is to apply the knowledge gathered on potential businesses on the areas of retail, creative spaces, education and urbanism. Another important motivation is that, after having management positions for too long, I fell like I am dangerously too far from “doing” and more focused on making people do it. So I believe the course can get me back to a bit more of a “hands on” experience, specially after having concentrated most of my studies on managing rather than technology, so I believe its a good moment to “catch up”.

Last, but not least, after quitting my job last December, I was set out to do a sabbatical semester, but I couldn’t find a better way to reset than joining Fab Academy.