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Welcome to the website for Fab Academy 2015, for La Casemate. Our lab is situated in the French alps, and we are open 7 days a week to the general public. Find more info about the lab, and la Casemate below, and check out the work of the Fab Academy students hosted here in Grenoble.

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About the lab

Our lab is open 7 days a week, and we have a system of subscriptions for anyone who'd like to use the machines for big or small projects. We host the Fab Academy, but organize many more workshops and have an active community here in Grenoble, around many different projects.

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La Casemate

Active member of several networks at the regional level (Rhone Alpes network of Sciences centers), national level (AMCSTI), and European level (ECSITE), each day, La Casemate is inspired by the motto « Think globaly, act localy » to talk to the public and its partners. Welcome in Grenoble, in La Casemate, the place of mediation, experimentation and appropriation of sciences and technology innovations, for all children and families.

Science and Innovation

The team of La Casemate is made up of about 15 mediators coming from scientific research, culture, journalism and communication fields. Our objective: to promote knowledge sharing and the debate of knowledge appropriation involving all stakeholders: schools, universities, research laboratories, companies, associations, NGOs, public bodies, medias, artists, politicians, trade unions, etc.


Jean-Marie Durney

Telecom engineer since 15 years , I decided to completely change domain and redirected me to my childhood dreams of the age of "The Empire Strikes Back" : intelligent prosthesis arm. Seeking information and training in the field I discovered the world of " MAKER " at MAKERFAIREPARIS and MAKERFAIREROME : Awesome !! This way people exchange knowledges, informations, tools to produce something for themselves or the community: it's terrific, I want to be part of it !!

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Machine building

We are building a Liquid handeling robot (or an aquarel drawing machine), since we are working on (re)opening our bio lab, we wanted to try and build a liquid handeling robot.. challenge is to do this with 3 axes, so we are looking into different ways to stabablize the system..

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The Team





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