Fab Academy 2015 @ FabLab CEPT

This is the second year that FabLab CEPT is taking part in Fab Academy. The Lab was started in early 2014 at CEPT University (Ahmedabad, India) after a generous gift from The Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation (Palo Alto, USA).

The lab is home to many types of people: students trying desperatly to finish architectural models before their jury (which is in, like 20 minutes... so get off the laser cutter already!), entrepreneurs trying to change the state of argriculture in India, engineers tinkering with electronics (and totally overloading the wifi... what network are you hacking into???). Oh yeah, there is also the random stray dog that pokes his noes in to see what is up and hopefully not poop on the shopbot.

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Nitin Gupta
Parth Bhatt
Romil Shah


Henry G. Skupniewicz