Fab Academy 2015 graduation will take place at FAB11 during the Fab11 Symposium on August 6th, 16.00hs.

More than 200 students started the journey last January, with ~50 participating Fab Labs from the world. At FAB11, 140 students will graduate after ~6 months learning How to Make (Almost) Anything. Endless nights, last pushes and pulls, broken archives, failing circuit boards and more… have ended into an incredible catalogue of skills, knowledge and projects built by instructors, faculty and mostly by students.


The Fab Academy is assembling the future leaders of digital fabrication in the world. This is the 6th edition of the only distributed university and educational program in the world. Next year edition will start on January as usual, and will grow into an extended program including a thesis development in order to take final projects into the next level for research or distribution. Stay tuned!


Check students page HERE
and some of the final projects running for the fab awards HERE


Fab Academy is Directed by Neil Gershenfeld, and made possible by a group of instructors and staff in the world: Bas, Fiore, Anna, Luciano, Beno, Ted, Francisco, Nuria, Ferdi, Luciana, Massimo, Shawn, Isaac, Henry, Victor, Hiro, Sherry, Tomas and more.


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