Fab Academy 2014 /// Graduation

Another amazing Fab Academy year has passed and we are ready to welcome a new edition: Fab Academy 2015

During the past edition, more than 90 students from over 30 labs, learned how to make (almost) anything. And, as every year, there has been plenty of experience learned, documented, shared, translated, reinterpreted, reiterated and innovated upon countless times.


Fab Academy 2014 had 70 graduates and, for the first time, a lot of students from previous years finished their certificates for the 2014 batch. We received amazing projects on the most diverse topics, from Architecture, Clothing, Energy, Environment, Farming, Furniture, Music, Sports, Toys, UAVs, Vehicles, Wearables and so much more.


The graduation ceremony took place, as every year, during annual Fab Lab meeting: Fab10 Barcelona.


Fab10 was an amazing experience in which we met new friends from the Fab Lab Network and we our old friends…

Check video here.

You can also check the Fab Academy 2004’s projects here.