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Software and Hardware Used
 Project Management:

Website Construction:
Initially I read some HTML tutorials and attempted to construct my website using command line. This method worked well, however my progress was slow due to my inexperience with working in command line.  As a result I tried the HTML composer found in SeaMonkey.  If found this composition software quite user friendly and was quickly able to construct my webpage.  My website heading is an image I created in Adobe Illustrator. I then used the homepage as a template for each additional page, to maintain continuity throughout the site.

Syncing with the Fab Academy Repository:
This task was a bit more challenging for me due to my lack of experience with command line.  I initially avoided working with Mercurial in command line and instead used TortoiseHg in Windows.  TortoiseHg itself was easy to learn and use, however when it came to using the keys in order to pull and push data from the repository the limitations of using TortoiseHg in Windows became evident.  I then switched to Ubuntu, which was also new to me, and decided to learn to use Mercurial in command line. There was a bit of a learning curve, but by using the tutorial found at I was able to set up Mercurial with the keys pretty quickly. I after the initial set up I found "pulling", "adding", "committing", and "pushing" fairly easy. The most important thing I learned is that it you can never "pull" too often, this will prevent multiple heads from forming when you attempt to "push" your changes. After making my first push I took a look at TortoiseHg in Ubuntu and discovered that once everything was set up in command line TortoiseHg was functioning and could be used as an alternative to typing in command line, which is a nice option to have.

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