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Software and Hardware Used
Adobe Illustrator
 Final Project Proposal:
Kinetic Sign
Kinetic Sign Design
My proposal is to create a kinetic sign which will be displayed in the science and engineering wing of Mahtomedi High School to show what our Science and Engineering Department has to offer. Below is an explanation of the sign:

A. The Driver Gear will be controlled by a hidden motor behind the sign. This will then turn all the other gears.

B. A rod will be connected from a gear to a push button switch which is meant to turn lights behind the element boxes on and off.  The two elements where chosen to represent Mahtomedi's school colors, blue and gold.

A rod will be connected from a gear to the green box which will move it up and down the incline plane.  This is meant to represent the concepts of force and simple machines.

D. A rod will be connect from a gear to a white sphere that will move horizontally. This is meant to represent a water molecule forming hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

E. A rod will be connected from a gear to a 1st class lever; the lever is then connected to a flower that will move up and down, representing plant growth.

F. A rod will be connected from a gear to a car causing it to move back and forth. Below the car is a graph that will represent the motion of the car

G. Finally, a digital count will display the total rotations completed by the driver gear and the number of rotations per minute so students can calculate total run time.

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