This week proved to be quite a challenge for me. Not because the project it's self was difficult, but due to having to complete the whole project using only my left hand. After breaking my right arm and wrist a week and half ago I'm still trying to get used to using my left hand as my dominant hand. All of the hand work and fine detail needed in the building of the FabISP definitely gave me a new challenge to embrace.

I hit a small road block while milling my board when the 1/64 bit broke half way through milling the traces, but with a little help from a two armed classmate I was quickly on my way to a successfully milled out board. Due to my broken arm I didn't even attempt to solder traditionally but instead used solder paste. I applied it with a seam ripper and found it to be extremely accurate and all my completed soldering to be clean and smooth. Once applied I used a toaster over set to 450 to bake my board, it took about five minuets and once done my only problem was that my solder joint had split. After trying again with the solder paste and once again having the joint break a classmate helped me to use the solder iron and bridge the gap. I had no problems programming my board, I used a classmates successfully programmed board and followed the online instructions. I had some help in desoldering the solder joint and removing my 0 ohm resistor with both double sided tape to hold the board to the table and an extra hand to help with the iron.