Photo of my note book with multiple views of the diversity of the lamp

What will it do?
A lamp/sculpture that responds to the activity level in the room and will put it's self into a dim mode to save energy. While being made of interactive materials allowing the owner to change the shape and effect of the lamp with their hands.
Who's done what beforehand?

What materials and components will be required?
Parallax PIR Sensor - PIR Sensor {$11}
5mm LED (50)(clear) - {$4}
21 gauge wire (100 ft) - {$10}
Wire (130 ft) - {$7}
Rubber tubing (6mm)(100ft)(black) - {$27}
Wood housing (36x6x1) - {$12}
On/off switch - {$2}
Wood glue - {$3}
Plumbers glue - {$5}
What parts and systems will be made?
- Housing
- Individual LED/wiring/tubing (100)
- circuitry

What processes will be used? /
What tasks need to be completed?
I plan to use a bread board to get all the individually wired LED's arranged in a working order, then each LED will need to be soldered to the Arduino with other appropriate components. The power will be connected threw an on/off switch, and powered by a 12V power outlet. A PIR sensor will be attached and set to it's maximum 30ft sensor radius. The wood housing box while need to be laser cut in multiple pieces with 6mm holes and then I will use wood glue to give it a sturdy and clean finish.
What is the schedule?

Get all the parts ordered/bought
Design laser cutting file
Cut and build housing
Cut wire/sculpting wire/tubing
Wire LED's
Stuff each tubing with appropriate length wired LED/sculpting wire
Fit "stuffed" tubes into housing and adhere with Plumbers glue
Mill out and stuff Arduino Board, with on/off switch, sensor and power source
Hard wire each LED to circuit board

  How will it be evaluated?
Does the light work?
Is the sensor efficient?
Do the materials allow for it to be interactive?