Michelle Stephen Fab Academy 2012

Week 1: Final Project Proposal

Just the beginning...

    I have had a very difficult time trying to come up with a viable design and plan for a final project, being that at this point I feel as if my grasp of the Fab Academy program is very narrow minded with in the constraints of areas I am already comfortable. I am hoping that as my knowledge and skills progress I will be able to design and execute something far more advanced and complex.

On going thoughts...


For my final project I am proposing an interactive digital art piece. It would consist of 3 canvases or boards to be hung side by side, using the conductive copper vinyl on the backing. The boards will consist of many drilled holes that LED's will be placed into showing through the front. I would like to have a sensor that measures either/all:

so that the "Painting" will be interactive and always changing based on room movement, temperature or sound.

Final project sketch