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I am interested in a particular type of press fit union that allows the assembly being very strong and rigid because I need it to assemble the structural elements of my project. Then I show a scheme of the type used in the task.

Measure A is very important and depends on the material and its thickness. The best way to establish the measure A is tested for different materials.
Measure B must contain the appropriate tolerance as it represents the thickness of the component to be assembled.
Another important aspect is the establishment of rounding both to avoid the stress concentration of the element flexes and help the income of the hook of the union

Here I show the layout of the ellements to be cut in a format that will be recognized by the laser cutter program

Most of the structural element as frame will be assembled with this type of pressfit as showed in the next sketch where the basement element will have the holes for sach union

The following pictures shows the way how the elements were cut and assembled


To end the task I chose the 2 characteristic colors of the UTEC university logo (blue and black) to make and cut the same profile to be paste in the pressfit work.

I know I have to make several tests to find the perfect tolerance regarding the used material

Here, it is the final task where the vinil sheet has been attached to the presfit logo