Classes >>invention, intellectual property , and business models

Assignment: develop a plan for dissemination of your final project

I work in a technological Institute and my proposal for this project is to spread to my pupils all the knowledge aquired in the program and this prototipe of the project will be a good example what they will be able to do. We expect to implement a FabLab in our campus in the near future and I am sure this will generate a multiplier effect.

Currently our students need to develope and support a final project to get a technician degree, but depending on the theme or the career followed by them they have to make a project and almost in any cases they only develope an idea or they do theoretical research but there is no a tangible or physical project with which they can demonstrate their proposals, that is why we need to complement the currently sillabus with an adequate laboratory where themselves can produce and materialize their ideas or innovations.

More than that we need our students can involve in the philosopy of the FabLab which encourages participation, collaboration, invention and believing that an idea can materialize if only to prove that does not work and can be improved. Although the students can get a technical degree, it is still necessary demystify many beliefs like "only the electronic technicians can design and produce electronical boards" or "only the mechanical technicians can design and assemble mechanical machines" or "only the artists have the ability to imagine beyond than others". It is important that they can understand that now it is necesary integrate several technological areas to produce any invention, improvement or innovation.

Another aspect that encourage me to spread this type of programs is the certainty that each participant learns to learn which gives some autonomy to know and choose the type of knowledge to be acquired and for this the participant must be commited with the informatic tools and the use of tutorials and especially the consultation and pursuit of information.

Finally I must say that as so our project is a variant from the MTM snap machine in application, it can be modified by others and improved for other applications.