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Assignment: Build a wired &/or wireless network with at least two nodes

For this task I created a bus to network information using one bridge with two nodes

The programing was made from UBUNTU enviroment and running the networking from Windows.


STEP 1: Cheking the boards and components

First I check the boards to be connecting in network and the components from:

class web page

STEP 2: Milling and soldering

I milled and built one bridge and two node boards that were downloaded from our academy 2012 class web page


STEP 3: Programming the boards

Once made the boards we need to programm them wih the Fab ISP in the similar way we worked in input device task:

I used the c program and make file to ATTINY 45s


On the terminal:

sudo make -f hello.bus.45.make program-usbtiny

Then must appear hex file, and

sudo avrdude -p t45 -P usb -c usbtiny -U flash:w:hello.bus.45.c.hex, for flashing the microcontroller

We must make the same procedure for the node boards taking care to change the node numbers in the C file where the bridge will have the number zero (0) and the nodes will have the numbers (1) and (2) for each one

.I followed the tutorial from Anna Kasiunas


STEP 4: Networking from windows

After programming the boards we are ready to run the python file "term"

Then in the terminal we write:

python COM15 9600 as you can see in the video.