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Assignment: design or modify a machine, document the group project and your individual contribution, make the passive parts and operate it manually

For this task we decided to assemble a machine MTM Snap we have in our laboratory.
My involvement basically focused on 2 aspects:
1.-Identify the machine components and their functions, and
2. - Carry out the total assembly of the machine

I want to mention that this task was done in close collaboration with Roberto Delgado in the assembly and Diego Machuca in the manufacture of the missing engine mounts.

It was very useful aswell to consulting the following webs for

Checking the assembly and components

Function and description of the accesories


First we must identify all the components of the machine for proper assembly. Since there are a lot of components it is important to separate in frame components and the mechanical accesories: we can check the material making cick in: list of materials

As you can see in the pictures we had to present all the components to asure which of them we had and which are lacking with the end to manufacture them.

For the assembling of the frame we noted that each component have a press fit to join to each other. Once we start the assembly we must take care to put the base to the last. It is important to use the correct tool and in the correct way for not to damage the components, the tools or injure ourself

Here we are placing the worktable inside the frame for then fitting the baseplate of the machine

To avoid the damages of the components it is necesary to use a rubber hammer and soft elements to avoid hitting directly to components



Mounting the spindle of the machine

To locating the plane bearing it is better if we use a portable press

In some cases was necesary the use of the heat to assemble and release elements as the shaft support

In the picture you can see both supports of the DC motor and the lateral stepper motor (at right) that were manufactured in acrylic material.


Here, I show the MTM Snap machine completely assembled and ready to install it the electronic devices and the network comunication to automate its movements.