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I select the light sensor to modify (in this case to add) the codes that will show in a different way the intensity of the light using The Python TK interface.

I wanted to create another way to indicate the sensed light intensity and compare them


As you can see in the picture I modified some codes in the Python program to make some visual changes:

1. Increasing the value of luminosity

2. The display of the lihgt level (from left to right)

3. Changing the parameter value "extend" of the arc to make it dynamic according to the value of the variable "filter".

4. The size of the numbers

5. Creating a static circle with cords.

6. Creating a static 360 degrees arc

The arc created sweeps an angle of 360 degrees from the 3 o'clock position clockwise to indicate the level of luminosity




Another aplication used to show the luminosity level with the hello light sensor was the LabView program where first we have to program in a graphic way in this enviroment and after that we have to choose the interfase icon in the controls palette.

This application is one of the best in case we need it in instrumentation where several controls are required to manage a system.

The video below show us how the display change with the luminosity sensed.


I am sure this task will be important when I have to apply it in my final project.