By Carlos Rimarachín

Project Development




Project Development :

In this assignment I still documented my project (prosthetic hand prototype):

Here is the explanation about my project:

- Why appears and disappears the EMG signal?

To purchase the EMG signal, I designed a circuit on the protoboard, then I made other circuit with the Modela Machine and finally I designed a circuit of 2 layers, which I had to solder all the components.

I aware that the EMG signal is very sensitive, and which reacts to any noise.

- I got pick up the signal, then with certain movement of my hand I got train a Neural Network, so I I achieved all the tasks which I proposed.

- Everything works well, always and when there is no interference with a machine to work at high frequency.

- When there is interference, the EMG signal conditioning card generate much noise and does not capture the real EMG signal.

- When there is interference The Prototype hand will not nothing, since I put a constraint on the analysis, so I had to acquire data from noise and then also teach the Neuronal network that it was noise, and then simply programm to the microcontroller that when Neural Network detects too much noise does not do anything.