By Carlos Rimarachín

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Business Models




Invention, Intellectual Property, and Business Models:

Because of cases of disability, congenital or caused by accidents, I have proposed a solution to hand disability. The solution to the disability of hand that I propose is using an artificial hand in hand concerned, able to recognize possible movements that a disabled person wants to do.

The impact that would have the product on the environment with the user, and also the facility of getting this product because is cheaper.

In my contry is dificult to use a ergonomic prosthetic hand that cost is very expensive, for that reason I decided to help people with hand disability.

I realize I make a prototype that in the future replace mechanical hand prosthetics, and also making more comfortable using of this prosthetic, and give it more movement than mechanical, and cheaper too.


- Asking for congress of my country to create a program of development this project where the goal is to reproduce the prototype, improvement this, and give to people that need it.