By Carlos Rimarachín

Final Project Proposal


Final Project Proposal:

My final project is about making movements with my fingers and a prosthetic hand try to copy the same movements or at least recognize the finger that I move; the question is How I will get it and why did I choose this?

The reason is because It´s too complicated to do anything without a hand and worst without both of them, and I know that exist prosthetic hands but is too expensive and a lot of people in my Country are not in condition to buy someone. I will try to make a cheap prosthetic hand, with basic movements.

I will still the following steps:

  1. I will make a design with SolidWorks and print with a 3D printer.
  2. I will make a support for the prosthetic with molding.
  3. I will make some electronic boards, one of them to amplify the signal(Myoelectric signal), other to make serial communication with my computer and another to control servomotors.
  4. I will make a Program in Python that read the signal, and set data about 256 ms. to make analize of this signal with different methods that help me describe the signal and found differences.
  5. I will make another Program in Python that clasify the characters of each signal and with this send or activate PWM with the microcontroller.