By Carlos Rimarachín

Electronics Design


Electronics Design:

In this assignment I added a button and a led to a existing circuit board that I downloaded from academy web.

This assignment help me to understand how to design a schematic circuit and then how to design a board circuit.

Design a schematic circuit, with eagle to do this is simple, I selected the commnand ADD and with it appeard a lot of libraries where there are all the components that anybody needs.After I have finished selected all the components I need, I jointed them using the comman WIRE, after that, I used the command BOARD (It is on the top menu).

Design a board circuit, with Schematic I generated the board and I had to order the components, the distribution of the lines change of color when there are not collision, finaly all the circuit has to be of red color.

With my new design I exported a .png file and then using FabModules I made the circuit board, to make this I needed two differents end-millings sizes, 1/64 was for design the board and 1/32 was for cut the board.

Finally I soldered the components to the board and this is my resulted: