By Carlos Rimarachín

Applications and Implications





Applications and Implications:

In this assignment I still documented my project (prosthetic hand prototype):

Here is the explanation about my project:

- The Prosthetic Hand Prototype will be recognize the movement of my hand by the analisis of the Electromyographic signal that I get with three superficial electrodes, the analisis of the signal was made by Wavelet Tranform, I used LabView Software for the analisis of Signal, then I got fifteen Parameters that help me to train a Neural Network for the recognize of the movement, the Neural Network Method I used was MLP- BackPropagation, and for the Design I used MatLab, and for the Grapical Interface I used Labview, Then When The Neural Network Recognize the parameter send a signal to a microcontroller ATMega328P, and the Microcontroller control one Servomotor for each Finger.

- There are a Lot of People that study this (Analisi and recognize of movement of the hand), but only theory, and also there are Companies that sell Prosthetic hand Control and Its cost is about ten thousand Dolars ($. 10,000).

- Electrodes (3), Electrode's Cable (1 ó 2, depend of the presicion of your analisis), a filter and amplification Board (In my case I made my own), an ADC Board (In my case USB-6008 DAQ), a Board to controll 5 Servos (In my case I made my own), 5 servos (Depend of you choose), a Prosthetic Hand (In my case I made my own) and use 3D Printer so I needed 1 Kg. ABS Material for the Printer.

- All Components are commercial, in my case I buy 1Kg. ABS from MAKERBOT, Electtrodes from Farmacy, Cables from Farmacy, All Boards were made with local components (superficial components for instance), the Amplifiers from DigiKey (Instrumental Amplifiers), Servos from local Electronic Stores

- Electrodes (3) -------------------------------------------------------------- $. 2.00

- Electrode's Cable (3) ------------------------------------------------------ $. 25.00

- A Filter and Amplification Board ---------------------------------------- $. 70.00

- An ADC Board (USB-6008 DAQ) -------------------------------------- $. 150.00

- A Board to Control 5 Servos --------------------------------------------- $. 15.00

- 5 Servos --------------------------------------------------------------------- $. 90.00

- A Prosthetic Hand (In my case only Material) ------------------------- $. 43.00

TOTAL -----------------------------------------------------------------------> $. 435.00

- Prosthetic Hand

- A board To Control 5 Servos.

- A Filter and Amplification Board

- First of all I designed all the board and tested the boards for functionality.

- I Design a Prosthetic Hand based on My own right Hand, and analized the diferent posibilities to get realistic movement.

- Adquisition of Electromiographic Signal to be Analized by LabView Program, analized diferent methods to charaterisize the Signal, all diferent Wavelet Transform Methods were analized and I chose Discrete Wavelet Transform Method.

- Recognize Movemnet via Neural Network - MLP BackPropagation with Matlab Program.

- Joint all the Processes to calibrate system and get a High Eficiency.

- Joint all the Processes to calibrate system and get a High Eficiency.

- Is it posible to get a control of movemnet hand?

It is posible, once I recognize of which of the finger is the movement I could make a real control of the hand using Fuzzy Logic and more programation and analisis of the Signal.

how will it be evaluated?

- I will make a Video to show the System.