How to make (Almost) anything
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This is a picture of myself. I was doing a tough job 
a cable cut or something like this.
Many years ago I was born in León. Leon is in the north of Spain
and it is not the typical city in Spain that appears in the tourist photos.
 It´s a cold and old city.
his is a León´s Cathedral picture.

Leon Cathedral
Ver mapa más grande
My high school studies took place in Leon.
After that I
studied in my college career Gijón.
 I studied industrial engineering,  a long long career that lasted six courses and a final project.
There I tried to learn some math and physics courses early,
 structural analysis, design and analysis of mechanisms, electrical
machines and
combustion engines, fluid mechanics and hydraulic
automatic control, robotics, electrical and electronics,
, economics and management business
and production management ... And much more.
You can see the program in an old documente from Official State
Bulletin Of Spain (April 28 1979)
And the school building is here

I am currently
working on TELICE Inc.
Telice usually works on railway premises
such as catenary (contact wire),
 rail safety, comunication, optical fiber....
and while i am working i can see things like this.