How to make (Almost) anything
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Computer Contolled Cutting
Some of the first tools used by man are cutting tools. (Paleolithic)
You can use sharped tools with your own hands... but it´s faster a Computer Controlled Machine.
In this case , I ´ve used a Laser Cutter (EPILOG MINI 24).
After that, I had a "idea" about I was going to make.,
six pieces kit  which can extend the construction in ALMOST any direction.
It has a press fit lock in order to joint pieces.
Press fit idea
Draw After the idea... the drawing

Now the machine working. IT´S EASY
fit 1fit 2
fit 4

The finished product

Learned lessons:
  • PlyWood is no a "perfect" material, thicknes is not constant and it´s bended.
  • You have to test the material
  • The laser cutting width varies depending on the material and the quality of focus of the laser.