Hello, my name is David Pello and I'm from Asturias, North Spain.

I work at LABoral arts and industrial creation centre as the manager of the production centre and labs, and will be the one in charge of the Asturias FabLAB (opening soon).

My idea for my final project is the design, construction and programming of an open source platform for high altitude balloon tracking, including structure (support, thermal isolation, etc), and electronics (MCU, radio transmission, gps, sensors, etc).

Classes > Machine Design

We are working on finishing our version of the mantis CNC, we are calling it Mantis X (last model was 9). The mantis uses a simple electronic control using the parallel port of the computer to drive the steppers from the linux EMC2 software. We wanted to use the fabmodules, so I made a version of the MTM board and modified the MTM GRBL version do adapt it for our threaded rods, sizes, and everything. For this project Raquel worked with the CAD design, and I with the electronics and software. Both of us worked in the machining and assembly of the final system.

So the electronics are based on the MTM board, I just cleaned the board a bit (for my taste) and added a back ground plane, and a mosfet for controlling the spindle with PWM:

Everything connected: Wood Parts

Here you can see a video preview of the CNC in action, using a pen to "draw" a PCB. We are using gcode generated with fabmodules, and sent with gctrl: As you can see the pen is attached with duct tape, so there's a lot of movement and vibration, but the output looks nice.

We are planning on adding the endstops, and fixing some of the printed parts with new ideas we have, so we are not done yet, but it looks promising, a cheap and easily fabbable CNC for pcb milling or small moulds.