Hello, my name is David Pello and I'm from Asturias, North Spain.

I work at LABoral arts and industrial creation centre as the manager of the production centre and labs, and will be the one in charge of the Asturias FabLAB (opening soon).

My idea for my final project is the design, construction and programming of an open source platform for high altitude balloon tracking, including structure (support, thermal isolation, etc), and electronics (MCU, radio transmission, gps, sensors, etc).

Classes > Computer-Controlled Cutting

The assignment for this class is to make a press-fit construction kit. As I'm already used to work with the lasser cutter, I just wanted to test the Inkscape cloning tool that was shown in the class, as I use Inkscape sometimes for vectorizing raster images, but not for designing things.

So I made a simple kit of 4 geometrical shapes with a number of slots that follows the fibonacci sequence, 1, 2, 3 and 5. I made an initial slot and cloned it to make the others, so I could adjust their width just modifing the first one. As I wantd to use 3mm material, I started with a 2.85mm slot. Inkscape

Then I lasercutted a set on 3mm cardboard to test it and it worked smoothly. As I said I'm used to the lassercutter so I did things like this before, for example for 3mm acrylic I use 2.95mm for a nice fit on my lasercutter. pressfit