Project Development


sorry, i don't understand very well your question (maybe because my English is not good), but I will try to do our best

What questions need to be resolved?
Basically there are 3:
How is electronic logic?, That components, boards, sensors
What is the logical computer?, That programming language, code
What is design?, That material, which is and that machine must be manufactured What tasks need to be completed?
The cells it is over, but the programming the internet interface and microcontroller it is so close.

What has worked? what hasn't?
Well, it worked the structure and connections made of copper, but the       X-duino present some problems, I ended up using an Arduino.

What will happen when?

Demand VS Supply - side time management?

In my country there is not much supply on the components used, in fact independently       very expensive to make these projects, the demand as a prototype, is subject to refinement       and is replicated in mass, perhaps for the moment serves more as an ornament, something artistic. Check this       function of time, its production takes no more than a month, but when you have all the knowledge       necessary.

Time Triage
Test time is varied, is a function of how complex the project, estimated that at the end       test time can participate in contests of artificial life.

Spiral development
The academy is a course requirement, the spiral development of the project, has served to acquire a series       skills he had ever seen in my career. And this I summarize
Determine the project proposal - the same baseline

Component 1
--- Perform modeling and simulation design
Tests of completed test materials
Fabrication of structures

Component 2
Microcontroller board design
Manufacture of electronic board
flashing electronic board

Component 3
Language selection (web interface)
Programming logic
Programming (procesing, python, php)

Documentation during development
Well that is observed in the development of all assignments, you can also see my final project here