Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

What do I expect?
I've always been in favor of causes that promote the spread of freedom of the end users, that can be learned in community, we can improve based on collective intelligence. therefore, What do I expect?, I hope that this work can be a source of knowledge for other.

How do I intend to do?
To guarantee the success of what I want, eis necessary to liberate, ironically for protect free, therefore I have decided to protect my work under the terms of OSHW 1.0 This ensures the dissemination of both software and hardware that I generated and derivatives thereof.

Is this starvation?
I do not really, and there are several companies which business model is OSHW.
--Adafruit Industries
--Bug Labs

I mention this news Fayerwayer

Finally,all this development is for academic purposes, maybe later think about the mass production of this project, but for now is the time.