My first Idea

Thats my working plan. The checks mean that those are assignments that I think I can make. The X means assignments that I will learn during the course. For me, the most difficult part is the electronics part, which might take a lot of time for me to understand

I like to design products, rings (jewelry), boxes, and this time I propose to build a box, but not any box. It will be a personalized variation of the Pandora box that in order to be opened, it will have four mechanisms with the shape of a flower on each side. to open this mechanisms, the images in each one of the sides must match. When it happens, the box will be opened and another mechanism form inside will go up. It has the shape of a flower (like a cocoon) that will open and will show you its content

For the computer aided design, I would like to use Rhinoceros or Soliworks (even though I am not an expert with those softwares).I began with Solidworks beacuse it shows the assembling in a very intuitive way

I have already started some parts og what I want to do as you can see.

My project will be made with 5mm acrylic joined like a press fit puzzle. In order to get it, I will use the laser for cutting the pieces. I have been testing some ways to join the components to make the product rigid and stable enough.

About the electronics, I thought about some ways to open the box that could be with a person's voice. To get it, I will have to mill boards, solder, and program and use the tools offered in the Fab Lab