Week Seventeen

Project Planning

 Final Project idea:  Build an RGB LED lamp.

what will it do? It will use 4 touch sensors to control the PWM of the
red, green and blue for color mixing  and one will act as a dimmer for
the lamp.

who's done what beforehand? 
	I will base my design on the 4$ touch pad by Matt Blackshaw.
and code from  RGB LED force and pressure sensor.

what materials and components will be required?
  I will need a 10 mm rgb led, a fabduino, a case that will be the lamp base,
  a barrel jack, voltage regulator and a power supply.

where will they come from?
	The led, voltage regulator and barrel jack will come from Digikey, power supply
	will scaveneged and all other materials will come from fablab inventory or my own private stock. 

how much will it cost?
	The leds are about $1.50, the barrel jack about $2. Everything else will be
	recycled/ free/from inventory.
what parts and systems will be made?
    I will make the lamp post and shade, the fabduino, touch sensors and any
    additional boards necessary.
what processes will be used? 
	I will use the modella to make the fabduino and other boards, the vinyl cutter
	to cut the sensor pads. Inkscape for sensor pad design and Arduino for programming.  

what tasks need to be completed?
     1. Fabricate touch sensor board and test.
     2. arduino programming and interface with touch pads.
     3. assembly
what questions need to be answered? 
	I need to test if the touch pads can sense a touch through the lamp shades 
	copper. If it doesn'work I will test making slots in shade and casting a
	dielectric to fit the slots.

what is the schedule?
    make touch pad board and test by may 21.
    develop program and interface by may 30th

how will it be evaluated?
	Do touch pads work?
	Do pads control rgb color mixing?
	Is it dimmable?