Week Sixteen

Machine Design

This weeks assignment was to automate our machine from week 14. With the case built and most of the mechanical components in it was time to add the electronics to our 3D printer. I did several different things to aid in this part of the build. I started the soldering of the main pc board. I put on all the resistors, leds, headers for the stepper drivers, and other components and connectors as well. When I stopped soldering there were still a few things left to do and by the time I got back to it someone else had finished it off. I worked with Josh and John to mount the stepper motors, guide rods and pulleys. The rods, belts and what not were mounted and dismounted more times than I care to remember. Josh and I spent the better part of a night mounting and wiring all of the stop switches. We also mounted the extruder head with all the mechanical parts that go along with it. We got it moving by hand but something was binding up and Josh was going to machine some parts to adjust the fit and get it to move smoothly. Things seem to be close to make it operational we just need to get a little more time to spend on it.